The world around me is my inspiration- for both the image and the idea.
Drawing direct from nature provides the foundation upon which all else builds.
The mind percolates along for a while, then up pops an image, as in PIER or
Sketch for painting-"PIER"

Sketch for painting-"EYE"
   See the paintings page.

Sketch for painting-"MOVING DAY"
Sketch for painting-"FRESH DAWN"
Sketch for painting-"TUNAFISH"
Sketch for painting-"VINCENT"
Study for painting-"WHOOO HOOO!"
Study for future painting
Study for future painting
Study of  Cessna 195
Beach study
Shamen- Those who pull the strings.
   Ever watchfull Raven in the sky.
A cut over forest, growing again.
 The Cariboo, British Columbia
Old fence,  trees -full of life.
Summer silence-Nothing moves.
   Study, Cariboo Region, British Columbia
Drawing- Pacific Ocean- off Vancouver Island
Evening Study- Spanish Banks, Vancouver, British Columbia
A Cariboo Local