Pietenpol Page 6
Stainless Firewall and Windscreens
Top and Bottom of Plug for 22 gallon Fiberglass Fuel Tank

Tank Plug with Flange added- Flange sits on top wing curve and is bolted through to wing bottom. Once this half is fiberglassed then cardboard flange is removed and Tank Top is fiberglassed. When dry the halves are separated and Baffles will be glassed into bottom half. After which the halves will be bonded together.

Three views of the tank as it will be installed. Notice that it is curved above the wing surface two inches. Like the DeHaviland Tigermoth.
My new engine, a Lycoming O-290. I'm going to have to mount it very close to the firewall as it's fairly heavy. I don't want the prop too much farther foreward than the Ford model A's is in the plans either.
Is this close enough? I've cut a hole in the firewall so the mags and oil screen can poke through.  Now I need  a box.
The  prop will  be two  inches farther
foreward than the A's is. Now I need
to figure out the motor mount. But first
the box to cover the mags.