Tail Wheel and Spring.
Top view- The spring is  from a two leaf trailer set. It is 1/4" thick
and  1 3/4" wide. I have ground it down from the tailpost to the
wheel end to 1 1/4" wide. This may still be too strong. We'll see.

Detail view of the fuselage attachment arrangement.             Rather than  disturb the temper of the spring to flatten
this area I elected to make an ash adapter here.


Here's the finished tail wheel assembly with my new wheel
unit, a cast aluminum, ball bearing, industrial castor wheel.
The fuselage is now outside. There just isn't enough room
in the shop to work on something this big.
My backyard is now filled with this 10' x 18' canopy. Trees and bushes all around. Very private. The
second view is from my porch, shop in the background. Now I can easily work all around the thing.
Two views of the building jig for the original wood landing gear. The black things on the front of the fuselage
in the left picture are the motor mount brackets. The motor will stick out another two feet past this. A metal
firewall covers this front wall once the upper part of the fuselage is installed.
A head on view of the fuselage and jig.
Fuselage in the backyard before the canopy. Tail parts fitted
and cockpit instument panel mockup in place The whole top
of the fuselage will be rounded like the instrument panel.
Right hand landing gear legs and bottom block. What a job! Cut and fit, cut and fit, etc., etc. The legs have been attached to the  block with two temporary 3" gyproc screws. Just up from the fuselage you can see the clamped on cross brace to hold it all in place while it's in the shop. On the right is a close up of the block/leg joints.
Two views of the left assembly ready for the cross brace and removal to the shop
Bottom view of a front leg with cut-out for wing  strut bracket.
Rear leg bottom and cut-out from same assembly.
Both leg assemblies on the bench ready to fit the metal brackets. They are not made yet. You can see the black gyproc screws.
Outside bracket bent and attached with four #8 screws through 1/8" bolt center holes. Inside bracket next.
Two views of drilling the bolt holes through the entire assembly. No pilot holes were drilled in the inner bracket, just on the outer bracket. The idea for using this little drillpress in this way came from the Affordaplane website. Neat idea.
Pair of legs partialy bolted. Need more bolts! Another order from Wicks Aircraft Supply coming up.