Bernard pietenpol designed and flew this aircraft, with a Ford model "A" engine in the first years of the 1930's. The plans first appeared in the 1932 issue of Popular Mechanic's " Flying and Glider Manual." This is the chronicle of the construction of my Aircamper.

Completed elevator panel in Hemlock

Detail of outer corner

Two pictures of a mockup of the cockpit to test the fit and placement of controls and instruments( and me! ) As a result of this I made the fuselage 1" wider than original.

Two pictures of the throttle quadrants I made. the picture below is the breakdown of the parts

This is my airspeed indicator. There will be one attached to a strut on each side of the plane. I have yet to calibrate them. As you can see, there's nothing on the face side yet. The image on the back was done with one of those vibrating etching tools.

On the left is the jig used to make the wing ribs, All 32 of them. Thats them stacked up on the right. 42 pieces of wood and ply in each one

Beginning the fuselage. One side has already been laid down and the crossmembers and gussets glued together. Here we
see the beginnings of laying the second side on top of the first. This way we insure that both sides are exactly the same.

This is the tail end of the fuselage, both panels.

Glueing up the frame that goes in front of the pilot and is the seat back for the passenger.

Two views of glueing the gussets on the second side of a fuselage side. In the background is the other side, completed. In use are the clamps explained in the tools + tips page.