Walnut, Cherry, Spalted Alder
5 Hole Flute in F
Spalted Alder in F#,
Walnut Bird, Taqua
Ivory Mouth
Two  flute racks  made
from spalted flutewood
PVC Flutes
Detail of wood mouthpiece - shellaced Chechen
What is " Flutewood " you ask? Well, I have no idea what tree it came from, lying there on the forest floor, orphaned and waiting for a home. No longer an orphan it  has  become  flutewood.
These  pieces,  too  soft  to make  flutes  out  of,  have found a renewed purpose in life.
Spalted Alder Raven Totem
Raven totem or "bird" 
in spalted Alder
Detail of mouth end. 3/4" Cherry between the Walnut body and spalted Alder end, finished in Tung oil.
This flute has been made 
by  drilling  out  a  single
piece of Alder.
Detail of walnut Raven totem and the wonderful grain near the blowhole.
Two flutes, both A's,
details scratched and painted.
F# in Western Red Cedar with a spalted " Flutewood"endpiece and turquoise ring

Lightly spalted " flutewood " G with walnut laughing Raven, chechen four winds end cap, abalone and turquoise detail.

All end caps are are mounted to the main body with a strong, three quarter inch long lap joint.
G in western red cedar and spalted "flutewood".
   Large abalone dot and turquise ring details.
800 Year old Red Cedar with Spalted Alder End & Turquoise Ring
Flute Racks
The Cedar Body extends into the Spalted Alder by 3/4" - Making a very strong joint.
Spalted Alder Raven with Abalone Eyes